Observe IT

Technicalities are excited to be the Australian distributor of ObserveIT software.

ObserveIT is like a security camera on your servers. It allows an IT administrator to record every user action in each session: Terminal, Citrix, RDP, VMWare and more. You can playback a video replay of each session, control system access to sensitive resources and intelligently search for specific information you need such as application name, file or resource used, user-generated text and more.
ObserveIT is aimed at leading corporations and institutions and solves a number of unique business requirements:
  • Compliance is about people, not applications. ObserveIT lets you audit everything that people do.
  • Whether your compliance requirements are for financial data protection, medical patient privacy, government oversight inquiry or 3rd party outsource compliance, ObserveIT gives you the coverage and ease of use that you need.
  • The bottom line of most compliance requirements is: Make sure that you know every action that people do which impacts sensitive data. ObserveIT solves this dilemma with a simple and straightforward solution: Video recording of all user activity on any server or workstation.

Root Cause Analysis 

  • Oddly enough, the simple question “Who last accessed the server and what did (s)he do?” remains one of the toughest questions to answer in IT today. Management tools are improving our ability to handle system error. But human error, the #1 cause for server downtime, remains elusive.
  • ObserveIT takes you straight to the root cause of an error. With ObserveIT on your network, you can review every action that takes place on your server network
  • ObserveIT allows you to focus in on user activity: you can drill-down or search according to server, user, applications launched or resources used in each session. And once you find the relevant sessions, you can play back the entire user activity, or jump directly to a specific chapter that looks suspicious
Third Party Monitoring
  • The increased use of contractors, offshore support teams and outsourcing suppliers exposes your corporate network to countless remote users.
  • ObserveIT gives you full visibility into all 3rd party remote user activity.
  • Validate SLA commitments and verify billable activity.
  • No more Finger pointing: Eliminating doubt regarding who did what.

Managed IT Services Monitoring
  • By showing your customers exactly what transpires during each remote support login, you can improve trust, quantify SLA measurements, solve service outages faster and expand your overall offering.
  • SLA validation – With precise SLA response time and billable activity evidence, you customers will appreciate your efforts and will have confidence in your business reporting process
  • Fix customer outages faster – Fix server outages fast by seeing the root-cause of error, not just the symptoms

Observe IT
Technicalities are currently looking for channels interested in marketing this product to their customers.

For further information please contact us on
(03) 9824 5566.
For more information on ObserveIT watch an informative 3 minute demonstration video or visit there website at www.observeit-sys.com