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Technicalities on Kochie's Business Builders Episode 10.
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Finding and retaining our valuable people
High-level computer technicians are hard to come by and we’re proud we have some of the best in the business. Several who have been with us for many years. One of the senior technical staff, Nathaniel Morton, is now a partner and day-to-day manager.

We invest heavily in the ongoing training of our technicians to ensure they are well educated and kept up to date.
We also take the time and trouble to gain firsthand knowledge of computer innovations as they are released. As part of this we’ll buy the product ourselves and learn it thoroughly before installing it with customers and training their people. Anyone, including our competitors, can simply sell you a computer. At Technicalities we offer the vital ongoing support as well.

But it all comes down to our people. So we’d love to hear your feedback on what we’re doing well. And more importantly, where we can do better.


Established in 1998, Technicalities has grown from one man’s passion for solving people’s computer problems to a premium IT support provider operating in Melbourne and Sydney.

Over the last fifteen years, we have witnessed the extraordinary change in the way we all live and work. Technology has gone from being an unseen workhorse of business to an integral part of our personal and working lives. To keep pace with those changes we have been constantly learning and evolving. Using all our experiences to providing a better service to our valuable customers.

Our Passion Our passion for solving the IT problems of business and individuals remains as strong today as it did in 1998. We are driven by ‘Kaizen’, the Japanese business philosophy of continuous improvement. We constantly strive to improve ourselves, the products we offer, and our ability to deliver excellent service to our customers. We don’t set out to be the biggest, but we do aim to be the best.

High Quality Products Across the company, we are dedicated to keeping up to date with innovative products that tick the boxes in terms of quality and reliability. Our philosophy is not to just recommend the most well known brands, or the ones that are easiest to work with. Rather, we invest a significant amount of time and money into researching a number of products until we are satisfied that they will meet our high standards.

While some IT Companies won’t put the time into complex, difficult products, our technicians spend many hours gaining the knowledge required to work with them. Which is why we are confident in the products we recommend to our customers. More importantly, we know what circumstances they would not be suitable – thus avoiding a costly mistake.

The vast majority of the servers and computers we implement are IBM products. In the past we have used different components and tailored them to suit our clients. But today we believe IBM consistently provide the highest quality products with a reliability that is second to none. And all of this is backed up by local support centres.
The same can be said for our networking equipment. Initially we worked with Netopia routers and HP switches. But today we work largely with Cisco because of their excellent track record in reliability. Many small IT providers don’t use Cisco because of its complexity to implement. But we invested in hours of hard work learning the detail of Cisco’s network products. So we are now able to offer solutions of the absolute highest quality and reliability.

The Difference Founder, William Henderson, started his career working in his local computer shop. And it didn’t take long to realise that customers could do better. He was struck by two critical issues.

Firstly, that taking a computer in to a store for repair can be an expensive waste of time.

As soon as someone unplugs their computer and brings it into the store for you to work out what’s wrong, there is a very high chance that what’s wrong is actually still at home. It could be as simple as the computer being plugged in to an overloaded powerboard.

And secondly, technical people could give better sales advice than the usual store sales people. Advice that would avoid costly or inconvenient problems.  All you had to do was get them out of the back room and demonstrate that the geek-speaking stereotype was actually a thing of the past.

And so Technicalities was created. A team of highly qualified technical engineers who come to you, at home or at work, at a time that suits you, and solve your IT problems