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Wi-Fi Network Surveys & Troubleshooting

Sometimes what seems like obvious placement of wireless access points isn’t actually correct for an optimal wireless network. From a small office to large warehouses, Technicalities have years of experience with using wireless surveying software to assist in the planning, placement and troubleshooting of your wireless environment.

This surveying software assists by gathering data such as signal strength, signal to noise ratio, and channel utilisation. It also displays information about moving from one access point to another as you move through your workspace. This helps to determine why there is slow speed, or dead spots throughout your office and warehouse.

Our survey produces an interactive heatmap visualisation of your workspace allowing us to demonstrate how access point positioning, upgrading or adding additional points can provide far superior coverage. All this prior to committing to a brand or model.

Interactive Heatmap
Signal Strength
Access Point Placement
Noise Ratio