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There is never a good time for a computer to break down. But you can make a bad situation a lot worse. Or you can instantly make it better. All you have to do is call 1300 131 626 and a computer technician will be on their way to fixing it.

Too many people hit a problem with their computer, and then make it worse by spending hours on the phone to call centres trying to get support. Or by unplugging their computer and taking it in to a repair centre. Not only does that waste precious time, you may just be leaving the problem at home. Very often, the problem isn’t in the computer’s hardware but in the way it has been set-up within the home.

You need professionals to come in, assess the problem where it exists and find a solution. Fast. So when problems arise, don’t make a bad situation worse. Call 1300 131 626.

So quick, simple and easy
“Lost 2 weeks worth of work in a split second, however after taking it to Technicalities and 15 minutes later was able to have it retrieved. Brilliant service, friendly staff.” – Jacinta, Cheltenham

How We Can Help

Setup your PC or Mac
Setup your Internet
Setup your Wireless or Wired Network
Setup your Email
Remove pop-up advertisements
Fix Printing Problems
Setup Media Centres
Setup iPhone and Android mobiles
Protect against viruses and spam
Setup VoIP phones
Data Backup and Recovery
Setup Security Cameras
Forget the run around if you have technical issues.
“Forget the run around if you have technical issues, computer problems, software issues, pop ups driving you a little crazy. Ring and ask for Adam. He simplifies things tells you what you need and what you don’t. I recommend them all the time reasonably priced too..” – Jennifer. East Melbourne