Security Assessment - Technicalities

Cyber Security Audit and Vulnerability Assessment

Providing cyber security advice to your business starts with a thorough understanding of your current situation.

Our security audit process provides insights into the current status of your network security. Our Engineers will undertake a detailed review of your IT infrastructure and systems. During this process we will assess your maturity against the Australian Cyber Security Centre’s ‘Essential Eight’.

Even if you’ve put cyber security measures in place, your network doesn’t stay static for long, and neither do cybercriminals. Your IT assets change and so do the attack methods used to infiltrate your network.

Our Engineers have access to the most effective vulnerability assessment tools and techniques, which will search for security gaps which could become areas of entry for cybercriminals.

Vulnerability assessment shouldn’t be a once off project for your business. We can implement a vulnerability assessment platform that continues to test your network, identifying new exposures as your environment changes.

Need assistance with your cyber security?
To find out how Technicalities can help improve the cyber security posture of your business, please contact our office on 1300 131 626 or email [email protected]