Managed Backup - Technicalities

Managed Backup Solutions

Our range of fully featured backup options help businesses to easily protect any physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure running on Windows, Mac or Linux, and recover lost servers in minutes without the need for additional tools or adding additional costs.

We take the time to get to know your business and the data you have, and the possible outcomes if that data is lost or unavailable. The frequency, timing and location of your backups can then be created to meet your objectives should restoration of data be required.

Our backup options allow you to recover granular data quickly from multiple points in time, with options to use local virtualization, cloud virtualization – or both – to get back to business in minutes.

Ransomware Detection

Ransomware, like most illicit software, leaves an identifiable footprint as it takes over a server, PC or laptop. Our business continuity solution scans every backup to detect the presence of ransomware. If ransomware is detected, the platform alerts that a ransomware attack is likely. From there, recovery is simply a matter of restoring from a previous backup.

Backup Options

Onsite Backup
Advantage: Simple, Fast, Quick access.
Disadvantage: a disaster at your site could mean you’re left without any backups
Cloud Backup
Advantage: Data is accessible from anywhere.
Disadvantage: Fast internet upload speed required.