Fibre Internet - Technicalities

Fibervision Networks

Technicalities can provide you with any internet service through our sister company, Fibervision Networks. From simple NBN, right up fast fibre 10Gbps. we can provide you with the internet that your business requires.

Fibervision have laid their own cables throughout many business parks across Melbourne. However, if you are in an area that is not covered by Fibervision’s cabling, we do work with other companies such as Telstra and AAPT/TPG. We manage the connection, the billing and provide support so you don’t have to deal multiple providers.

Our team performs a series of on-site tests to unsure perfect operation of your connection, resolving any technical issues directly the third part provider. Plus, with our years of experience providing IT support, we can assist with any DNS changes, mail server configuration and VPN configuration changes that need to be made.

High Speed Fibre Internet

There are several factors that can contribute to providing high-speed fiber internet:

  1. Fibre-optic infrastructure: Fibre-optic cables are made of thin strands of glass or plastic that transmit data using light. It has a much higher capacity than traditional copper cables, which means it can deliver faster internet speeds over longer distances. Technicalities has invested in fibre-optic infrastructure to provide their customers with high-speed internet.
  2. Network optimisation: Technicalities have optimised their network to minimize latency and increase bandwidth, ensuring that our customers can access the internet quickly and without interruption. This involves using advanced routing algorithms, traffic management tools, and other technologies to maximize the efficiency of their network.
  3. Service quality: Technicalities has dedicated resources to ensure that our internet service meets or exceeds industry standards for quality and reliability. This involves monitoring our network around the clock, providing regular software updates, and investing in robust security measures to protect our customers’ data.