About Us - Technicalities

About Us

Established in 1998, Technicalities has grown from one man’s passion for solving people’s computer problems to a premium IT support provider operating throughout Melbourne.

Over the last twenty-five years, we have witnessed the extraordinary change in the way we all live and work. Technology has gone from being an unseen workhorse of business to an integral part of our personal and working lives. To keep pace with those changes we have been constantly learning and evolving. Using all our experiences to providing a better service to our valuable customers

Our Passion

Our passion for solving the IT problems of business and individuals remains as strong today as it did in 1998. We are driven by ‘Kaizen’, the Japanese business philosophy of continuous improvement. We constantly strive to improve ourselves, the products we offer, and our ability to deliver excellent service to our customers. We don’t set out to be the biggest, but we do aim to be the best.

We also take the time and trouble to gain first hand knowledge of new innovations as they are released. As part of this we’ll buy the products ourselves and learn them thoroughly before recommending them to our customers.

High Quality Products

Across the company, we are dedicated to keeping up to date with innovative products that tick the boxes in terms of quality and reliability. Our philosophy is not to just recommend the most well known brands, or the ones that are easiest to work with. Rather, we invest a significant amount of time and money into researching a number of products until we are satisfied that they will meet our high standards.

Our People

The heart of our business is our people.

High-level computer Engineers are hard to come by and we’re proud we have some of the best in the business, some of whom have been with us for over 15 years. Our Engineers have worked with businesses of all sizes, across all industries. This gives them the knowledge and skills to assist a wide range of customers.

We invest heavily in the ongoing training of our Engineers to ensure they are well educated and kept up to date with the latest technologies and products for optimising your IT experience, improving our support and securing your network.

Supporting our Engineers is a highly dedicated Admin and Customer Service team who are passionate about ensuring our customers have a great experience with us. You’re likely to get a call from them one day asking how we can do better.

It all comes down to our people. So we’d love to hear your feedback on what we’re doing well. And more importantly, where we can do better.