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Computers. Cyber Security. Email. Networking. Server Hosting. Conferencing. We have it covered.

Technicalities is a group of experienced and helpful IT consultants

Our wide range of expertise includes cyber security, networking, Wi-Fi networks, cloud services, video conferencing and proactive management and support of computers and servers.

We pride ourselves on getting to know and understand our customers so that we can provide them with the right solutions.

Our clients range from small businesses through to businesses of up to 500 staff. Our technicians are highly qualified, well trained and have a proven track record of identifying and fixing problems quickly and efficiently.

Let Technicalities focus on your IT needs so you can focus on your business.

What We Do

Cyber Security
Using the Australian Cyber Security Centre’s ‘Essential Eight’ recommendations as a baseline, we provide the advice and solutions to better protect our customers against today’s cyber security threats.
Cloud Services
Microsoft 365, cloud backup, moving from on-premise servers to the cloud?
Whatever your requirement, Technicalities helps you plan, implement and manage the move to cloud. Aside from extensive experience with the major public cloud providers, we also offer customers the option to host their applications in our own private cloud.
Business Continuity
Keeping your systems running is paramount. We can provide the solutions to lower the downtime should your server or software go down.
Server Hosting
We can manage your on-premise servers, or remove the fuss and host your servers in our enterprise grade environment.
We can design and configure all your networking needs, from simple switches, to managed security devices and complex network segmentation to better protect your network.

Office, warehouse or home, our experts use the latest in modern software tools to design a hassle-free Wi-Fi network to suit your needs and budget, or to troubleshoot and fix problems with your current Wi-Fi network.
Unified Communications
Small office, or large corporation, we setup and configure SIP phone systems, using handsets or mobile phone apps. We can also recommend and install video conferencing systems that help make the most of your conferencing applications such as Teams, Zoom and Webex, no matter the size of your room.
Support Services
All customers of Technicalities have access to our Melbourne based support services team.

Why Technicalities?

Our advice isn’t about selling our customers products, but rather focuses on getting a true understanding of the customer’s environment and how their employees use technology every day. Our goal is to use technology to help your business operate at its optimum.

Technicalities has a small but experienced team of engineers who provide IT consulting services to our customers. Our engineers have worked with businesses of all sizes, across all industries. This gives them the knowledge and skills to assist a wide range of customers.

We have a focus on training to keep our engineers up to date with the latest technologies and products for optimising your IT experience, improving our support and securing your network. Our company value of continuous improvement drives us to keep getting better.

Our main focus is to allow you to focus on what you do best, run your business. We recommend and setup the best, within budget, solutions to keep your business safe and running around the clock.

Cyber Security
While our hope is that you never need us, there has been an incredible growth with cyber crime in recent years. The security of your network and data is paramount. A simple ransomware attack has the potential to grind your business to a halt. Our team stays up to date with the latest threats and the best solutions to mitigate your chances of falling victim to these attacks.

Home Solutions

While we’re experts in Business IT, we can also help you improve things at home.

PC, Mac Setup
PC or MAC, Setup is not an issue
Internet Setup
NBN, fibre, whatever the internet type, we can get you online.
Wireless Setup
Setup, configure or fix your home’s wireless network and connect all your devices.

Email Setup
We can setup your email, on your PC, Mac, iPhone or Android.
Printer Setup
We can setup your printer.
Remove Pop-ups
Annoying pop-ups. We can help with removing these from your machine.
iPhone, iPad setup
New iPhone or iPad, we can get it set it up including connection and iCloud backup.
Anti Virus Protection
Worried about security on your PC or Mac, we can set you up with Anti Virus or EDR.

“The professionalism and level of service provided by Technicalities and in particular Nathaniel was outstanding.”
Andrew Padgham – Owner/Manager Gytech Pty Ltd

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