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Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Hardware failures or cyber security events such as Ransomware can have your business off line for days or even weeks if you’re not properly prepared.

When people refer to disaster recovery planning, they usually think in terms of natural disasters such as fire, flood, etc. From a business perspective however, there are a number of other events that would impede the ability of a business to continue performing its role and continue to service its customers.

We’ve partnered with the industry leaders in disaster recovery and business continuity to provide you with options to best suit your requirements and budget.

Using our business continuity solutions, backups can be virtualized on a local device or to a secure cloud location, instantly, with the click of a button. Should a local disaster occur, a business can continue as usual in the cloud. Even while virtualised, systems can perform a normal backup schedule to both the local device and to the cloud.

When a disaster strikes, you’re out of business until you can restore your systems and your data.

Cost of Downtime

When a disaster strikes, you’re out of business until you can restore your systems and your data.

Businesses often believe if they have a backup of their data they can get up and running again straight away. However, without the right plan and infrastructure in place, restoring to full operations with that data can take a minimum of several days, and can easily take weeks.

Some key questions to ask of your business include:

    • How long can your business survive without access to your IT systems?
    • How many hours of work are you willing to lose / repeat?
    • How many employees do you have?
    • What is your cost per hour if those employees are unable to work?

With our business continuity solution offering Instant Virtualization technology, businesses can be up and operational within minutes after an incident.

Common business disasters

Server Failure
Data Loss or Corruption
Data Theft or Ransomware
Fire or Flood
It is important to prepare for an incident before it happens.

Effective Disaster Recovery Planning

Planning ahead before a disaster strikes is key to keeping your business running when the worst happens.

Our team will ask the right questions to assist you in putting together an effective Disaster Recovery plan.

Once the plan is in place, it is important to test the plan regularly to ensure it works when when you need it most. It’s always better to test these plans when you have the time to resolve them, rather than in a high-stress disaster scenario.

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