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Network Security

The security of your network requires a multi-layered approach to secure all potential attack surfaces, including endpoints, email, websites and web applications, cloud, firewalls and Active Directory.

With our extensive experience across many industries, we have solutions to limit your security risk across the entire attack surface.

Endpoint Security

Protect your computers from malware, viruses, and cyber attacks with advanced endpoint security.

Our endpoint managed services platform not only manages all security updates for your applications and operating systems, but also delivers a modern Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solution to protect against the latest threats.

We utilise one of the world’s leading EDR platforms to deliver the defences you need to prevent, detect, and undo—known and unknown—threats.
Our EDR platform not only detects today’s viruses and malicious software, but also use Artificial Intelligence to detect behavioural signs of attacker activity, eliminating a number of threats in near real time.

The platform supports threat hunting using MITRE ATT&CK Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures, the behavioural indicators mapped by the MITRE framework, to help understand the normal behaviour of your endpoints and accurately detect and respond to any anomalous activity.

Email Security

Secure your email. Most attacks originate in your email. We’ll help you choose a service designed to reduce spam and your exposure to attacks on your staff via email.

We partner with industry-leading email gateway provider, Proofpoint, for email security. Proofpoint accurately detects text, image and attachment-based spam or phishing emails to catch both known and unknown threats that others miss.

Proofpoint delivers:
• Enhanced security with spam and phishing detection
• Protection against malware and non-malware threats with industry-leading efficacy
• Sandboxing malicious URLs and attachments
• Policy-enforced encryption and data loss prevention
• Social media account protection
• Preventing impostor email threats with dynamic classification
• Protecting against compliance violations and information loss
• Providing 24×7 emergency inbox in the event of an email outage

Eliminate data storage constraints and meet legal and regulatory obligations with Proofpoint’s 10 year cloud archive, which ensures you stay protected and compliant.

Web Security

Web security involves protecting your website, web store or web application from attacks by detecting, preventing and responding to cyber threats.

While most businesses take steps to protect their computers and networks, they often forget the risks to the data stored on their websites or in their web applications.

Web Application Firewall: Your first line of defence for your website or web application should be a web application firewall (WAF) which protects by monitoring and filtering internet traffic that flows between an application and the internet. WAFs provide protection for web applications against attacks, including cross-site scripting, file inclusion, cross-site forgery, SQL injection, and other threats.

Cloud Security

Businesses today are relying more and more heavily on cloud applications in order to be at the forefront of digital innovation. Cloud services help keep organisations agile, adaptive, and responsive to changing customer demands, user expectations, and employee productivity.

But businesses should never make the mistake that their cloud infrastructure and applications are secured by the cloud provider. The cloud services you use need to be configured and secured consistently, no matter where they are located. While a cloud provider should protect the security of the cloud itself, organisations still need to manage the security of the information in the cloud.

Private clouds, public clouds or hybrid clouds – it shouldn’t matter. The best cloud security solutions should follow applications wherever they are deployed.
Our security methodology remains the same across all cloud environments, and our range of security solutions are chosen with cloud in mind. We are able to provide protection of your critical assets no matter where they’re located.


Almost all organisations employ a firewall as a security tool that monitors and filters internet access in and out of their network. However even the best firewalls, if not properly configured and implemented, may not provide much protection at all.

We so often see organisations compromised by attackers exploiting weak security policies in firewalls. These attacks could have been prevented if those organisations had ensured their firewall infrastructure was configured correctly with rules and policies that minimise the chances of an attack and limit the extent of any attack within their network.

Technicalities provides a firewall auditing service in which our experienced Engineers will conduct an extensive audit of the configuration of your firewall infrastructure.

Our audit report will identify areas of potential weakness and provide a list of remediations that are designed to provide an increased level of protection for your network.


Incorporating best practices for firewall hardening from organisations such as NIST, Mandiant and major firewall vendors, our Engineers will reconfigure your firewall infrastructure to provide optimum protection from attack.

Firewalls aren’t set and forget. As your network changes and attack methods evolve, your firewall policies need to keep pace. Talk to us about a managed firewall service that incorporates ongoing monitoring and hardening of your firewall infrastructure.

We have partnered with the best – our Engineers have experience working with the 3 Leaders in the Gartner® Magic Quadrant for Network Firewalls – Palo Alto Networks, FortiNet and Check Point.
We also have experience working with WatchGuard, SonicWall and Sophos firewalls.

Network Segmentation

Our Network Engineers are experts in the use of Network Segmentation to enhance security. Network segmentation works by dividing a network into smaller sections. Security is then enhanced by implementing strict controls over who and what can access each of these network segments.

Businesses use network segmentation to prevent unauthorised users from gaining access to valuable data such as financial records, customer data and intellectual property.

Should the worst happen and you do suffer a breach, network segmentation can assist in containing the breach to only small sections of the network, rather than the attacker having free rein into your entire environment.

Active Directory Security

Active Directory (AD), a key management component of almost 90% of companies worldwide, has become a major target for hackers as seen in a number of high profile cyber incidents.

AD has become a target because it governs authentication for your entire organisation, it holds all passwords and manages access rights to every vital asset. Many companies are running insecure AD configurations which are easy to breach and many companies only review their AD security once a year, if at all!

As your AD is constantly changing, it is difficult to accurately train staff to be able detect, analyse and remediate potential AD changes in real time to reduce real business risk.

Technicalities has partnered with one of the world’s leading providers of AD Security tools. Our solution can solve the following challenges:
• Find and fix your existing weaknesses in your AD configuration – immediately discover and map existing weaknesses, then follow the step by step remediation tactics
• Uncover new attack pathways – continuously identify new vulnerabilities and misconfigurations
• Detect ongoing attacks in real time – get alerts and actionable remediation plans on AD attacks
• Investigate incidents & hunt for threats.