Network Design - Technicalities

Network Design

Having Technicalities involved in your network design is crucial for the following reasons:

Diverse Expertise: Network design requires a comprehensive understanding of various technical aspects, including hardware, software, protocols, security, and performance optimisation. Technicalities brings together a team of experts with diverse backgrounds and skills. This collective expertise allows for a holistic approach to network design, ensuring that all relevant technical considerations are taken into account.

Risk Mitigation: Network design involves making critical decisions that can have a significant impact on the performance, security, and scalability of the network. Technicalities helps mitigate risks by pooling the knowledge and experience of multiple experts. By having multiple perspectives, potential risks can be identified and addressed more effectively, reducing the likelihood of design flaws or vulnerabilities.

The Technicalities team will provide you with a robust, efficient, and future-proof network design.

Wi-Fi Network Design

Technicalities has, through years of experience, the expertise to plan, configure and troubleshoot all of your wireless network requirements. We combine this knowledge with the leading Wi-Fi network design software to take the guess work out of designing your network.

Sometimes what would appear to be the most obvious placement of a wireless access point (eg. middle of a room) is in fact not best for seamless wireless connectivity as you move through your work environment.

From a small office, to large warehouses, our staff utilise the latest heat mapping technology to provide a visualisation of your wireless coverage across your workspace with a range of different wireless access points. All this prior to committing to a brand or model.

Wireless Mapping