Azure and AWS - Technicalities

Azure and AWS

Migrating your business to cloud services has many benefits including scalability, cost reduction, low maintenance, reliability and flexibility.

Thinking of migrating to AWS or Azure clouds? Our team have vast experience setting up, migrating to, optimising, managing and maintaining workloads in both AWS and Azure.

Migrate to cloud services with confidence. Our Engineers have proven experience gained from performing a number of successful cloud migrations.

Our team will assess your current infrastructure and your day to day requirements, and factoring in your desired future state, will build you the cloud infrastructure you require and migrate your workloads using the latest cloud migration tools.

Cloud services like those provided by AWS and Azure are called “Public Cloud” services. There are pros and cons of using public cloud services, so you should also consider the use of a private cloud service, such as that provided by Technicalities.

Discuss your requirements with our team so we can help decide on the best solution for you.