Computer Service & Maintenance


Computer Service and Maintenance

Just like anything else, computers will break down when you least expect them to and when you need them the most.


It is especially frustrating when you lose important files or you just can’t get it to work.


Our consultants pride themselves on their specialised knowledge, skills and ability. So if you have a problem, it is more than likely we have come across it many times before, putting us in the best position to advise you and solve your problems. The trouble with unplugging and taking your computer to a repair centre is that it wastes precious time and is an inconvenience. If the fault is with your settings instead of your computer’s hardware it won’t be seen unless your whole computer is plugged in, in its usual setup. A repair centre may provide a temporary fix but the problem may be more deep-seated and so can re-emerge, costing you both time and money again and again. You need professionals to come in, assess the problem and find a solution.


So quick, simple and easy…...... so don’t put up with a slow or malfunctioning computer any longer, just call 1300 131 626.