Disaster Recovery and Off Site Backup

"When a disaster strikes, you're out of business until you can restore your systems and your data. "


When people refer to disaster recovery planning, they usually think in terms of natural disasters such as fire, flood, etc. From a business perspective however, there are a number of other events that would impede the ability of a business to continue performing its role and continue to service its customers.


The following are examples of more common business disasters that would have a serious negative impact on the running of your business:

  • Failure of server components, for example hard drives.
  • Theft.
  • Accidental loss or corruption of crucial data.
  • Deliberate acts of sabotage.
  • Fire and flood.
  • Water damage resulting from incidents of fire.


It is important to consider these risks now, and prepare for these incidents before they happen. Even something as simple as providing information to your insurance company to begin the claims process can be held back weeks if you are not adequately prepared.

Cost of downtime
When a disaster strikes, you're out of business until you can restore your systems and your data. Restoration from traditional tape based backup takes a minimum of several days, and can easily take weeks.

Better Backups with Replication
The new breed of data replication software offers benefits that more traditional solutions such as tape-based periodic backup cannot:

  • Data replication provides a continuously updated copy of critical data at a remote site which minimizes data loss should a recovery be necessary.
  • Disk-based recovery is more reliable, less complex and takes less time.


A Disaster Recovery Plan that's effective
As businesses come to increasingly depend on continuous access to their data, ensuring that their data is available on demand is of paramount importance. Enhance your existing disaster recovery plan with our replication software and managed offsite backup to provide a solution that protects important data by copying it in real time, and keep it safe in our secure offsite location.