There is never a good time for a computer to break down. But you can make a bad situation a lot worse. Or you can instantly make it better. All you have to do is call 1300 131 626 and a computer technician will be on their way to fixing it.
Too many people hit a problem with their computer, and then make it worse by spending hours on the phone to call centres trying to get support. Or by unplugging their computer and taking it in to a repair centre. Not only does that waste precious time, you may just be leaving the problem at home. Very often, the problem isn’t in the computer’s hardware but in the way it has been set-up within the home.

You need professionals to come in, assess the problem where it exists and find a solution. Fast.

Our consultants have highly specialised knowledge, skills and ability. They are all trained computer engineers with a raft of experience. So if you have a problem, you can be sure they’ve come across it many times before. They’ll solve your current problem and advise you on any improvements you can make for the future.

So when problems arise, don’t make a bad situation worse. Call 1300 131 626.

So quick, simple and easy “I can’t believe I’ve put up for so long with having a computer that kept getting slower and slower. I thought I needed a new computer. Turned out all I needed was a new anti-virus software. Thank you Technicalities.” Mrs.
Wood, Brighton.

“I took my computer back to where I bought it three times before I called Technicalities. They got it up and working with the family’s wireless network in under an hour.” Mr.
Johnson, Hawthorn.

“I thought I’d lost my thesis forever. Two words that bring joy to my heart: data recovery.”  Ms Scott, Prahran.

On a day to day basis we:
Fix computer problems (hardware or software)
Provide general IT support & advice
We come to you for same day repair

We come to you for same day repair

Just some of the ways we can help:

Setup your Mac or PC
Setup your emails
Setup your internet
Setup Net Nanny software
Data backups & recovery
Protect against viruses & spam
Setup your wireless / wired home network
Fix printing problems
Remove pop up advertisements
Computer training
Media PC setup - turn your TV into a multimedia centre with all your DVDs, music and photos at your fingertips.
Setup iPhone and iPod synchronisation
Setup money saving VoIP - voice over the internet.
& much more.

Don’t put up with a slow or malfunctioning computer any longer, just call 1300 131 626.

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