Free anti-virus phone support for two years

Beating a computer virus is a bit like a game of high stakes chess. Which is why the Russians, grand masters of chess, are very good at winning the battle against the scourge of computer viruses.

Technicalities has been recommending the Russian anti-virus brand Kaspersky for many years. And it seems the rest of the world is finally catching up with Kaspersky name spreading faster than the viruses they eliminate.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2010

Essential protection against viruses, trojans and worms, blocks spyware and adware, identify theft protection and more. Features include:

Improved Complete PC Protection - Green means your computer is up to date and completely safe from malicious threats.

Kaspersky iSwift and iChecker Scanning - Automatically adjusts scanning as your activity increases for superfast performance.

Automated Hourly Updating - Automatically adjusts scanning as your activity increases for superfast performance.

Kaspersky Virtual Keyboard - On-screen keyboard automatically makes entering data completely secure.

Kaspersky Security Network - Every user benefits from the immediate global threat intelligence gathered by the Kaspersky Security Network, which links millions of users from around the globe.

Improved Kaspersky Whitelisting and Application Control - Delivers up-to-the-second threat intelligence to determine security privileges for every application you launch.

New Kaspersky URL Advisor - Plug-in for Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox to warn you of links to dangerous web sites

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Free Kaskersky phone support for 2 years.

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