Managed Server Hosting

You are an expert in running your business. Why reduce your effectiveness and your company’s efficiency by managing your own servers?


Why expose your critical business data to damage from server crashes and theft, or disasters such as fire, flood or office sprinklers? How much would it cost you if you were unable to access the information on your server for several days?


We are interested in hosting your servers because we think businesses are better off putting their resources into innovation to improve their business, rather than just maintaining their current infrastructure.


With internet speeds and accessibility improving in Australia, more and more companies will be making the smart move to server hosting.

Managed Server Hosting

Increase your operational efficiency and reduce the time and money spent on IT maintenance with managed virtual server hosting from Technicalities.


There are a number of benefits to having your server hosted with Technicalities, including:


• Fixed regular monthly payments – interest free capital expense includes maintenance, cooling, electricity, fibre optic internet. No major upfront commitment.


• Offsite, secure & dust free location with 24 hour air conditioning and 12 hour redundant power protection.


• All of your backups are performed for you.


• A team of specialist Technicians are onsite to do maintenance resulting in more regular proactive servicing with no additional cost.


• Our data site uses a high speed fibre optic internet connection – remote users will have faster access than if the server was located at your office.


• Our equipment is enterprise grade equipment. This is far more reliable than a typical server used by an SMB company. This is the same equipment that large companies use.


• Upgrades can be performed without any disruption to your virtual server – staff do not need to be told to log off whenever maintenance is being done on the server.


• If you suffered theft or fire we can rapidly set you up at a temporary location as your applications and all data are all run on our server.


• 24x7 Video surveillance and monitored alarm system.