Wireless Internet Setup

Our experienced technicians are experts in wireless networking.


Whether it is setting up a new wireless network or fixing one that is giving you trouble, Technicalities can help.

Don’t spend time on the phone to your Internet Service Provider, call in the experts and let us do the hard work.
Call us now on 1300 131 626 and book us in for an assessment of your wireless needs. Whether you have 1 computer at home or an office with more complex needs, we can help you.


What are Benefits of a Wireless Network?

  • Mobility: Wireless networks can provide you with access to the internet anywhere in your home
  • Installation Speed and Simplicity: Installing a wireless network can be fast and easy and can eliminate the need to pull cable through walls and ceilings
  • Scalability: Wireless networks can support many users in your home, without the need for multiple internet 
    connection points.
  • Ease of Use: Reduce your reliance on messy cables. Move about freely without plugging and unplugging your internet connection
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